What's new?

Canopy 3.1 is the next minor release of Canopy. In this release we've added the following significant new features and improvements. For a detailed list of all features, improvements, bug fixes and other tasks on the 3.1 release, see Release notes for Canopy 3.1.

Messaging and message templates

It is said that all applications evolve to eventually send email. It seems Canopy has evolved to that point also (smile) 

The ability for Canopy to send messages to different people during each stage of the delivery workflow is an important improvement within Canopy. This allows users to send notifications to clients before, during and after the engagement using messaging templates. This helps ensure a consistent and professional approach to communications can be achieved across all engagements.

Team support

The concept of "team support" has been added to allow for grouping of users into custom roles for team identification purposes. This can be used for defining internal teams, and also for grouping external/contractor users into specific groups.

Chart plugin type

The chart plugin type allows users to write their own plugin hooks for generating chart data. This will allow for much easier creation of chart data to allow our users to further take advantage of native chart support within Canopy.

Statement of Work generation improvements

In previous releases of Canopy, SoW generation was based on an different approach to document generation. In Canopy 3.1, this has been updated to make it consistent with Canopy's report generation process (asynchronous, supporting different output types and allowing for portal synchronisation).

KB API export

It is now possible to export the Findings Knowledge Base via a single API call. This makes it easier to get content from Canopy that may be useful for input into other systems.

API token-authentication

Token authentication is now available for Canopy to allow for easier API integration. Some further improvements (such as forced token expiration and renegotiation) will be implemented in future releases.

Canopy Portal (BETA)

Canopy Portal is an extension to Canopy to allow for the distribution of reports and Statements of Work (SoW) documents to clients (internal or external). It also allows clients to track what projects are active. Our roadmap for the Portal is very exciting, as we believe it will be a paradigm shift for consultancies and how they interact with their clients (and vice versa).

More information on Canopy Portal will be provided once the BETA programme is complete. If you would like to access the BETA programme, please contact support@checksec.com